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[Preorder] Takara Tomy's "Surprise!? tube"

I'm doing a preorder for these "Surprise!? tubes".  They were released in 2009 by Takara Tomy and are discontinued now in most places.

$5 each + $2 shipping
USD via PayPal only; buyer pays PayPal fees.
Will be sent out from East Asia (either Japan or Hong Kong, but if the postage will be much higher is shipped out from Japan) by economy airmail (SAL).
Airmail/EMS/tracking/insurance is also avaliable upon request.
I cannot be held responsible for any loss/damage once it's been dropped off at the PO if insurance isn't purchased.

Here are some photos of mine 8D
Sorry for the terrible photo quality, but my camera decided to break down and I really should get a new phone. orz

Please note that since these come in "blindly", I cannot guarantee which one you'd get.  However, if you have a specific one that you'd like, please let me know and I'll try my best to get it for you.  But please to prepared to get any one and if you're dead set on getting a specific one please do not order.

Please comment here with your preferred tube (if you have one) and we'll go from there!

Thank you for reading!

(I also have a couple of Death Note and Hetalia doujinshi for sale here 8D)
Tags: toys
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