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Some prices lowered, Another armband added!

Hey everyone! I updated my sales post with MANY items! I have CDs, Flyers, Postcards and Stickers! Please take a look ^^.

EDIT: I have already shipped out all the SOLD items! Please let me know when your arrives. I still have MANY items left, so please take a look!

Things arn't going as well as I would like them to right now, so its time to sell more of my collection. I bought all of these things from Japanese auction sites & such. I need to sell everything quickly!

I take paypal only and ship from the USA. No e-checks please! Shipping should be between $2-$10 depending on what your buying and where you live so please let me know if you live in the USA or not. Tracking is $1.50 extra. The total give you is for the item + shipping materials + the actual shipping cost. Prices are in USD. I can ship the items out within a few days of payment. You can also make offers.

I will also throw in some free print out photos of D!


Items 1-6:

1. Tightrope [CD + DVD]: $14
2. The Name of the Rose [CD + Photo book]: $30 $25
3. Red sticker: $4 $3.50
4. Tsunehito BIRTH trading card: $3
5. Hide-Zou Nocturnal trading card: $3
6. Tsunehito Snow White trading card: SOLD

Items 7-10:

7. Snow White [CD]: $10
8. Syndrome [Ruizas old band]: $12 $10
9. Black sticker: $4 $3.50
10. Yami no Kuni no Alice medium sticker AUTOGRAPGED by TSUNEHITO: $10 $8

Tafel Anatomie postcard set: SOLD

Gold Flyer: $3.50

Red Flyer: $3.50

Black Flyer: $3.00 $2.50

Rose armband: SOLD

D armband: $9

Tsunehito autographed poster LARGE: $30 $20 + shipping

BIRTH shirt, size Junior Large: SOLD

Autographed photoboard: SOLD

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