walking with a dead man over my shoulder (algus) wrote in garagesalejapan,
walking with a dead man over my shoulder

WTB: fate/stay night(saber, gilgamesh) and berserk(ANYTHING)

a- alright, i've recently come to terms with my obsession with Saber from Fate/Stay Night. as such, i'm in the market for any and all fairly priced Saber-related merch. i'd really, really prefer figures and plushes(Saber's lion is fine, too! i actually want that pretty badly), but i'd be hard-pressed to pass up inexpensive posters/flyers/the like. at the moment, i only own the Revoltech (regular)Saber figure- so anything else is fair game!

i'd also like to pick up some Gilgamesh-related stuff, specifically figures. the only one i've come across of Gil in his armor is a single gashapon. D: (came across meaning i saw a picture of it- i do not own this and DEFINITELY want it!)

regarding berserk, i'll greedily grab up damn near anything you have to offer. manga(english or japanese), posters, figures- anything! ... well, except plushes, as i kind of already bought every legit one i could find. |D; (which ended up just being Guts and Griffith, to my knowledge)

the condition of the items is mostly irrelevant to me. if they serve their purpose(I.E. not horribly ripped, broken, etc.), i'll be more than happy. the only payment method i can offer is paypal- not comfortable with concealed cash and the like. US sellers are preferred due to shipping costs, but i'll consider anything reasonable!

thanks for your time. ♥
(and really, i'll consider anything.)
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