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I really need to come up with some funds so if interested in anything, please make an offer ^-^.
I decided to sell my Haruka (tactics) rilezu cel as well. For those that don't know what rilezu is, they are post-production cels made to special order. Only one is ever made of a particular scene and are hand painted with printed backgrounds. This one cost me $300 when I pre-ordered it. It is in mint condition and comes with the drawing as well (douga?). I actually never got familiar with cel terms and not sure if the ones I have are genga or douga.

I dont expect to get back at all what I paid but looking for hoping for maybe half of it.  I have a few other cels that can also be seen it photobucket. I'll post what I paid and would be very easily negotiable. If cel is bought, it wil include genga/douga.
1 from ccs (yue) -$120
2 from hxh-$100 for kurapika, $40 for killua and gon
1 from daa daa daa-$20
douga? of kammizaze kaitou jeanne -$15

Rest of regular sales and pics at
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