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English Yaoi Manga Sale

Hello. I have once again went through my yaoi collection. Please have a look Click my cut for more ^_^

*Prices do not include shipping, please include your zip code when you order
*I ship withing the US and Internationally (Please note that if you are from another country, the price for shipping will cost more)
*I have started to include delivery confirmation when I ship your items, if you would like insurance as well please let me know and a $1 fee will be added to the total.
*I have feedback listed here:
* I do accept trades just show me what you have (looking for just other Yaoi right now)
*Please be warned that some of these titles are 18+ and contain adult content ( the rating will be listed next to the price)
*Some of the books will be a bit cheaper due to the size

Bran Doll $2 (Rated 16+)
I'm Not Your Stepping stone $2 (rated 18+)

Naughty But Nice v.1 $2 (rated 18+)
Spicy But Sweet v.2 $2 (rated 18+)
(NOTE: These books are part of a series but can be separated) $3 for both

Day I Become a Butterfly $3 (rated 16+ contains mild adult content)
Steal Moon vol.1 $3 (rated 18+)

Kabuki vol.1 $3 (rated 18+)
Thirsty for Love $3 (rated 18+)

Jazz v1&v2 $4 ea or $7 for both (selling these for a friend, which is why they are more. Vol.1 has slight water damage on the cover) (rated 18+)

Thank you for looking!
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