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07 March 2010 @ 11:04 pm
Lots of Jrock Items for Sale! (And an H.Naoto Waistpouch)  
Hi Everyone!
I'm selling a lot of Jrock items at my journal. I have great ebay feedback under the name elffys- 100%!

I'm selling the following items and more!

-Miyavi Uka Photobooks
-Miyavi Posters
-Miyavi old tour items-A flag and megaphone!
-Alice Nine Posters and Calendars
-Dir en grey, MUCC, Larc en Ciel Posters
-Gazette Tour Bandana
-UchuSentaiNOIZ Towel
-Tour TShirts Versailles, Hyde, Vidoll and An Cafe
-H.Naoto WaistPouch

The items are here:

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