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Lots of Items! Yaoi doujinshi, manga, figures, video games, etc!

Negotiable on prices.
I use media mail shipping which starts at $2.50 in the U.S. for manga. Doujinshi shipping starts at $1.50. Free shipping in the U.S. for orders over $30.

I will only be selling this items until Monday, March 15th, because I am moving to Japan (the reason I'm doing this).

The follow is image heavy:

Yaoi Manga, English

$4.00 each
The Lily and the Rose
YAOI vol. 1
Kiss All the Boys
Hanky Panky
Invisible Love
Alcohol Shirt & Kiss
Love Bus Stop
Tea for Two vol. 1
The Art of Loving vol. 1
Jazz vol. 1-4 (complete)
Little Darling (novel)

$6.00 each
1st Stage of Love
Love Recipe 1,2
Naughty but Nice
Live for Love
U Don't Know Me
Cigarette Kisses
Lover's Pledge
L'Etoile Solitaire

Maid in Heaven
Future Lovers
Saihoshi The guardian vol. 1-2
Selfish Love vol. 1-2 (complete)

X-Kai vol. 1-2 (complete)
Loveless vol. 1
Let Dai vol vol. 3-10

Tale of the Waning Moon vol. 1
Dining Bar Akira

Yaoi Manga, Japanese
$3.00 each

B-Boy vol. 11
Make Me Happy
Taiyo ni nurete
The Secret Life of a Secretary

White Guardian
Jukoku e michi tsure

Hana no Gakuran no Honey
Gakuran tengoku vol. 1-2
Water Boys
The Man Who Cannot Do It

Yaoi Doujinshi

All Digimon, Taichi/Yamato
& (Digimon Adventure), PG: $4.00
Netsubyou, R: $7.00
Neoromance Game, R: $7.00

All Naruto, Sasuke/Naruto
Yotsuyu no shizuku, R: $9.00
Ero Ero 2, R: $9.00
Kira kira, PG13: $5.00
Summer Longing, PG: $5.00

All Naruto, Kakashi/Iruka
Come Come Come In, PG15: $7.00
Cherish, R: $7.00
Koukoe, PG15: $7.00
Hot Romance, R: $8.00

Momonokanzume, PG13, Zabuza centric, part text: $4.00

All Hikaru no Go, Akira/Hikaru
Okosama no yuutsu, R: $7.00
Yume no kyohiji, PG13: $7.00
Chu, PG13: $4.00
Ayashi, PG13, gag: $6.00

All Hikaru no Go, Akira/Hikaru
Kibi wa takadakato, PG15, anthology: $10.00
onexone, PG13: $5.00

Harry Potter
One Day, Fred/George/Percy, PG: $5.00
Hello It's Me, General, PG: $5.00
Mado no nai, General (Ron/Harry), PG: $5.00

Lord of the Rings
Love Sick, General (Sam/Frodo), PG: $5.00
Ring Dong Dang, General, gag, PG: $4.00

All Okiku Furikabutte, Mihashi/Abe
Tenohirato, PG: $5.00
Romeo shiki, PG13: $5.00
Full Full Heart, R: $6.00

All D Gray Man, Kanda/Allen
Wa, PG, part text: $5.00
Trap, PG, half text: $3.00

LL Tengoku, R: $8.00
A Temporizing Impression, PG13: $6.00

All Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Yamato/Gokudera
Bocchama do issho, R: $8.00
Anfuiku, PG13: $7.00
Saiminkouka, R: $8.00

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Joytoy, R, oversized and part in color: $10.00
Seishun kyousoukyoku, Reborn/Lambo, R: $6.00

Black Beauty, Kyo kara Maoh, Josak/Muraken, PG15: $5.00
Karateka, Eyeshield 21, Shin/Sakuraba, PG13: $8.00
Shounen Jidai 1 2 3, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Kyno/Koizumi, PG13: $7.00
Desire, Gankutsuo, The Count/Albert, R: $7.00

Summer Delight, Tsubasa, Kurogane/Faye, R, Anthology, includes color pages, part text: $9.00
Nipponia Nippon, One Piece, Luffy/Zoro, R: $8.00
Sky Knight, Final Fantasy XII, Balthier/Basch, PG13, anthology, part text: $8.00


Guruguru Revolution vol. 11 (Naruto): $6.00
Guruguru Paradise vol. 3 (Naruto): $6.00
Naruto Ninpoucho vol. 9 (Naruto): $6.00

Pirate Game vol. 19 (One Piece): $6.00
Pirate Game vol. 5 (One Piece): $4.00

Gray Zone (D Gray Man Kanda/Allen special): $6.00
Black Note (Deathnote, Love special): $6.00

Yaoi misc.
VHS- $2.00 each
Level C

DVDs- Taking offers
Descendants of Darkness: Devil's Song (ep. 4-6)
Descendants of Darkness: Tarot Curse (ep.7-9)
Descendants of Darkness: Demon's Reckoning (ep. 10-13)

Non-Yaoi items

Doujinshi: Tokimeki
Eyeshield 21, girl-centric (i.e. focuses on the girls in the series instead of the boys), PG13

Naruto vol. 1-7, 11-13, 16, 22-27
$2.50 each

Manga, not pictured
$3.00 each
Hikaru no Go vol. 1-3
One Piece vol 2, 3
Dragon Ball Z 3,4,10
Dragon Ball 7 (library copy)
Astro Boy 6,7,9
Rebound vol. 1
Princess Ai vol. 2
Once Upon a Glashma
Clamp School Defenders Duklyon vol. 1

$4.00 each
Diabolo vol. 1-3 (complete)
Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok vol. 1, 2
Devil May Cry 3 vol. 1
Mushishi vol 2,4
Shaolin Soccer vol. 2
Spyboy the Manga

$5.00 each
Ranma 1/2 vol. 20 (first edition, larger print)
Fushigi Yugi vol. 7: Castaway (first edition, larger print)


Naruto Figures $2.00 each

Luffy, One Piece: $2.00
Unknown: $2.00
Allen, D Gray Man: $3.00

Aang, Avatar the Last Airbender: $6.00

Pete, Kingdom Hearts: $3.00
Unopened, (original img from

Sesshoumaru Doll (Inu Yasha)
Has some wear.

$4.00 each
Last Exile: Discovered Attack (ep 9-12)
Samurai Champloo vol. 6 (21-23)
Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea (movie)
Amon Saga
Magic Night Rayearth: Midnight (ep. 17-20)

Video Games
$4.00 each
Crash Twinsanity (PS2)
Shaman King: Power of Spirit (PS2)
Batman Vengeance (GC)


Naruto Bag (other side is Zatch Bell)

$1.00 or free with purchase items: Shounen Jump, Yaoi postcards, and misc.

Shounen Jump: Feb 2004, April 2006, July 2006, April 2008

*Top two are the same postcard, two sided
>Bottom Left taken
All postcards are gone.

Naraku Figure (Inu Yasha)
Extra (Includes short video game comics, came in a magazine, in Japanese)
Samurai Champloo DVD case (no DVD included)

For more information, questions/comments, or to make a deal, please leave a comment!
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