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I want to go home!!!! Help me lighten my load of things to ship home, get some money to ship what's left home, and you can get some cool stuff for yourself. Everyone wins! ^_^

Shipping will be from Japan and has two options either Airmail or EMS. EMS is quick and pricey whereas Airmail takes a while but is cheaper. Because I'm in Japan, I can only accept paypal as payment.

Peace Now punk style coat. Belt around waist and one button to close coat. Only worn once. In excellent condition (a little wrinkly; could stand to be ironed). $35 plus shipping.
Front of the coat. Close up of the belt and neck.

Back of the coat.

Peace Now T-shirt. Size M. The black on the front design is a little faded, but not bad, just dull. $15 plus shipping.

Peace Now long sleeved black shirt. Smoking skull with a top hat design. $15 plus shipping.

Peace Now long sleeved purple shirt. $15 plus shipping.

Peace Now long sleeved brown shirt. Design of two skeletons in coffins with writing underneath on front. $15 plus shipping.

Peace Now purple tank top with butterfly print and ribbon lacing at throat. $10 plus shipping.

Peace Now pants. Garters attach leg to waist. Skirt attached to back on the pants. Red spider web thread design on sides and skirt. Unfortunately, never worn. By the time I managed to find a pair that I liked that fit, they weren’t my style anymore. Tag still on. $35 plus shipping.

“Algonquins Psycho” long sleeved shirt. Zippers at the neck actually work. Material is very soft. It’s a comfortable shirt. $20 plus shipping.

Algonquins skirt. Multiple layers: black, stripped. Straps on back can be adjusted and reclipped. Some fraying on edges and on straps, but still in very good condition. $25 plus shipping.
Front of skirt Back of skirt Close up on left hip

Batsu “Cake” long sleeved sweatshirt material shirt. Front has a felt ‘C’ on the left breast and “CAKE” on the back. $15 plus shipping.
Front Back

Cecil McBee 3/4 length shirt. Never worn. $15 plus shipping

Cecil McBee grey double breasted wool coat. Never worn $40 plus shipping.

Liz Lisa off white, off the shoulder, long sleeved dress with lining. Only worn once. In excellent condition. $20 plus shipping.
Close up on top the lining.

Liz Lisa brown skirt. Decorative buttons at waist. Never worn. $15 plus shipping.

Liz Lisa tan camisole. Adjustable straps. Blouses out at the bottom. Only worn once. $20 plus shipping.

Liz Lisa white knit turtleneck vest. Flower is not removable. Worn once. $20 plus shipping

Liz Lisa short pink skirt. Never worn. $15 plus shipping.
Front Back

Liz Lisa cowl neck sweater with bell sleeves. Bow is a pin and removable. $20 plus shipping.
Front Close up on bow

Liz Lisa long off white winter coat. Double breasted. Very soft. Only worn twice. $40 plus shipping.
Front Back Close up on buttons

Liz Lisa short white coat. Double breasted. Never worn. $30 plus shipping.

Love Boat sweatshirt. Never worn, $15 plus shipping.

Love Boat long thin white shirt. Never worn $10 plus shipping.

Super Lovers blue tshirt. About size American Medium. In very good condition. $10 plus shipping.

Super Lovers pink tshirt. American size small. $10 plus shipping.
design on sleeve

Short black jacket. Not a brand jacket. Double breasted with gold buttons on cuffs and front. Never worn. Needs to be attacked with a lint brush, but otherwise in excellent condition. $20 plus shipping.
Front Close up of collar. Close up of one of the buttons.

Leg warmers: Black with ribbon lacing up the front. Never worn. $10 plus shipping SOLD
Purple tights with black ribbing. 80 dernier. Worn once. $10 plus shipping
Black spats with lacing at ankle. Never worn. Tag still on. $10 plus shipping

Attic CD Mechanical Ugly Gang B Type: 4 tracks Ugly Gang, Dramatic, Everybody Soul, Flake (bonus track). $13 plus shipping

Alibi photosets $10 plus shipping.
A: B: C: D: E: F:
G: H: I: J: K:

Alibi trading cards and cheki
Trading cards (soccer club) sold as pack for $3 plus shipping SOLD
Trading card with support drummer $1 plus shipping
Kai cheki $5 plus shipping SOLD

Alibi CDs
Hitotsuboshi (blue CD): 2 songs Start and Peace. Booklet is autographed by all three members. $10 plus shipping.
Futatsuboshi (yellow CD): 2 songs Akiba... and Waku Doki Summer $10 plus shipping.
Mitsuboshi(red CD): 2 songs Romance and Alibi Rock $10 plus shipping.

Pika Pika no Ichinensei: 2 songs Ciao and Change. Autographed by Kai and Fumiya (I lost when playing Janken with Kae). $10 plus shipping

Seishun no Ninensei: 2 songs Promise and Dearest. $10 plus shipping.

Namida no Sannensei: 2 songs Dream and Cross Road. $10 plus shipping.

Ayabie photosets $8 plus shipping
A: B:

Bergerac CDs
Amethyst (with DVD): 3 tracks Amethyst, insecurity, Remember me Revolver. Amethyst PV on DVD. Unopened. $20 plus shipping
Genocide Streaming: 3 tracks Genocide Stream, Blue Breeze, Scena. Unopened. $15 plus shipping.
Starlight Serenade: 3 tracks Starlight Serenade, Dogura Magura, Forever With You. $12 plus shipping.

Cinnamon CDs $2 plus shipping
Both have three tracks. The one with the large picture (A) has the songs Slope, Virgin Snow, and 雪の種. The one with the small picture (B) has the songs 紙ひこうき, レンガ, and episode.

Doubt postcard $4 plus shipping ($2 if bought with cd)

Doubt CD 万國、大東京/赤い傘と貴女 2 tracks same as in title. $10 plus shipping.

Genshoku Atom (current vocalist of Cinema Strip's old band) CD Atoms Wave: 4 tracks 20世紀レクイエム, パステル少年, 不理屈トランセラ, 花びら・まほろび・シャンテ $10 plus shipping

Guy's Family CD Voltage: 3 tracks Cheap Dish, エスコート, Night Blindness. $10 plus shipping.

Jive CD Call Me: 3 tracks Shinjitsu no Hana, end, Shake. Both unopened. $13 plus shipping

The Kiddie Little Senobi tokuten comment cd from store Indies CD & Antique Toy. (I bought it at Pure Sound in Osaka) $10 plus shipping

Kimura Kaera CD Beat: 4 tracks Beat, Rock on, Beat instrumental, Rock on instrumental. (not in original case, missing back paper) $5 plus shipping

The Last CD Brilliant: 10 tracks Flame, Chain, beautiful dreams, Sailing, Farewell, Sweet Cloud, Ash, Looser, Butterfly, Slow World. $20 plus shipping.

Marshass CD 2 tracks Last Letter and 存在 $3 plus shipping (they're a little defunct baby band. Give 'em a chance, you might like them.)

Modern Suite CDs. Each CD has one track, the title track. $5 each plus shipping. If you buy all three $12 plus shipping
優しい時間, 交響セレナーデ, 躁鬱協奏曲

NEWS CD 太陽のナミダ (Taiyou no namida) 4 tracks Taiyou no namida, utsukushisugite Beautiful Eyes, Banbina, Taiyou no namida instrumental. (Not in original case. Missing back cover.) $5 plus shipping.

Neu CD Splash: 2 tracks Splash, Daidai ~Glitter Summer 2007~ $10 plus shipping

Neu CD Full album Never Land (with DVD): 10 tracks Never Parade, Hotai Lover, Cherry, School Attack Girl, Splash, Sairen, Honey Bee, Rocat Punks, Sanagi Koi, Neverland!. DVD contains 2 tracks Honey Bee PV and Cherry PV. $30 plus shipping

Rare Panic Channel CD Shouheki (live only release CD) 2 tracks live version of Kakusei Vanilla and Acoustic version of Rouge. $15 plus shipping.

Scar CD [02] (with DVD): 7 tracks phi, realize, U, 朱灰, i am, Juliet, 恋花. 恋花PV Unopened. $25 plus shipping

Scar DVD Live [02] from Osaka BigCat 4th Anniversary Oneman Live. Unopened. $35 plus shipping (originally $45)

Serial Number photoset $8 plus shipping

Spider Lily CD 泡雪の花/狐灯籠 2 tracks (same as in title). (not in original case, missing back cover) $10 plus shipping

xTripx CD: Blue Well the Air 2 tracks RhymeLoud and cherry. Includes trading card of one of the members. $10 plus shipping

All magazines in excellent condition.

$5 for one, each additional issue $3, shipping not included. If you're interested I can tell you what else is in each issue.
Vol. 32, April 2008 Lynch cover
Vol. 35, October 2008 Wizard cover
Vol. 36, December 2008 Vidoll cover
Vol. 39, June 2009 Seven cover
Vol. 40, August 2009 Doubt cover
Vol. 42, December 2009 Daizy Stripper cover

Shoxx Vol 175 September, 2007. AnCafe cover. Also inside Nightmare, Sendai Kamotsu, Mucc, Miyavi, Gazette, Plastic Tree, D, Onmyouza, Phantasmagoria, Vidoll, Versailles, The Studs, Kra, Ayabie, Sug, and many more. $8 plus shipping

Fool's Mate July 2008. Ruki (Gazette) cover. Also inside SID, AnCafe, Merri, LMC, Sadie, D'espairsRay, D, Vidoll, The Studs, Mix Speaker's inc., Battle Gargoyle, Metronome, hide memorial summit, Angelo, and many more. $6 plus shipping.

AnCafe poster (one-sided) from Shoxx vol. 175 $3 plus shipping

Two-sided poster from Zy No.43 PSC vocalists on one side AnCafe on other side. $3 plus shipping

Following posters 1 for $8, 2 for $15, 3 for $22, 4 for $29, 5 for $36, etc. plus shipping
*Some posters listed are slightly crumpled from storage, but with some weight they should straighten out just fine.
*posters will be shipped in a poster roll which will need to be bought. Poster roll cost ($2) will be included in shipping price.

Alibi 2009 Calendar poster

Duel Jewel ES poster

Duel Jewel アイオライト (aiolite) poster

Heidi poster A (note: picture is of friend's poster which is hanging on her wall. Mine is still in wrapping.)

Heidi poster B

The Kiddie Plastic Art poster

The Last full album Brilliant poster

Neu Honey Bee poster

Neu Splash poster (quantity 2)

Neu Neverland poster

Twilight New Moon movie poster (from United Cinemas in Japan)

Thank you for your time. ^_^
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