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ALL items are brand new, if not unopened from original plastic. They are 100% authentic from Japan and I have receipts from Akihabara to prove them ^^v (except for gashapons and the posters)

What i have in the post:

- TYL Ryohei & Normal Yamamoto B3 Prize posters

- Hibari cup

- TYL Hibari Phone strap

- Reborn! sound eggs (Gashapon)

- Figurines and other merchandise

- 3 Naruto sets

Prices are in US Dollars without shipping!

I reside in Singapore and postage rates will go according to the Singapore Post.
I charge $0.50 for my materials for postage as my items are very close to cost price, for some I'm already making a loss.
I will not be responsible for lost mail so please do opt for registered postage -bows-
Extra packaging is available at $0.50 (bubble wrap).

My Feedback:

Ebay +10
Sgcafe forums + 11
DOA +17

I ACCEPT ONLY NON-CC PAYPAL or bank transfers if you have a Singapore bank account! 
Do leave a comment if you're interested or wish to know more about postage!
Feel free to contact me at kurokumo@hotmail.com ^^

1. Ryohei , Yamamoto , B3 Prize Posters (Only Available in Japan)
$10 each; Both at $18!
(Will come in a rolled up cardboard to protect) - Please give them a good home >_<

2. Card Collection Grande II - chrome (26cm x 18cm)

3. TYL Hibari Phone strap

4. NDS Stylus - Yamamoto

5.  Light Projector - Ryohei


6.COSPA Hibari Mug


7. Reborn Sound Eggs - Hibari, TYL Xanxus
$3 for xanxus, $4 for Hibari

8. Gokudera Figurine (Bought locally)

9. Reborn Cards

10.  Varia CCG cards -Mixture
$4 for whole set

Should anyone be interested in this series, do let me know =]


Naruto Sets

Set 1: $8

Set 2: $9

Set 3: $9

All three sets for $20!!! 


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