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For Sale: Anime/Manga Goods, Video Games, Various Sanrio and Japanese Goods, Movies, Music, and More

Hi! I have lots of stuff for sale. Check out both of my sales posts for latest updates: sales post #1 and sales post #2.

- Anime/Manga goods and promotional items - Shojo Beat and Shonen Jump manga samplers, Naruto, Pokemon, Shin Chan, Saint Seiya, Baccano!, Evangelion, One Piece, and more
- Video Games and promo items - Final Fantasy, Suikoden, Naruto, Gran Turismo, Dante's Inferno, Dead Space, and more
- Movies and Music - Chocolate DVD, Blood The Last Vampire Promo, Final Fantasy, NEWS
- Various Sanrio Goods - Stationery paper, Origami star folding paper, erasers, decorated ribbons, and more
- Lots of other different items for sale - Clothes, Accessories, Jewelry, Comic Con Merchandise, Books, Magazines, and more
- Freebie with any purchase

I'm also open for trades. See my wishlist.

Terms and Conditions
All sales final. No returns or exchanges. Items are described to its closest condition possible.
Prices in USD. They do not include shipping costs.
Payments through Paypal. Paypal fees apply if invoiced.
Shipping from and to the U.S. only for now.
Feedback can be viewed on my LJ feedback page and also on my eBay feedback page.

Click on pictures provided for a larger view. If you need more detailed pictures, just ask.
Anime, Manga, and Related Merchandise
Items are in great and like new condition unless otherwise stated.

Shojo Beat Compilation Manga Sampler Volume 4 [5 available]- $4
Shonen Jump Manga Plus Advanced Compilation Manga Sampler 2007 [2 available] - $4
Shonen Jump, Vizkids Graphic Novels Compilation Manga Sampler [2 available] - $4
Anime Crossroads, MizuCon, IzumiCon, Swace, Anime Detroit 2009 Promo Card - $1
Saint Seiya Complete Song Collection CD Soundtrack Catalog # COCX-32020-22, New and Sealed - $55
Viz Media, Shonen Jump, Shojo Beat, Vizkids, and more Bookmark Promo - $1
Shin Chan Promo Card - $2
Japanese Hentai Gamez $ Anime Revealed Trial CD Promo - $1
Pokemon Blue Gameboy Burger King 3-Piece Toy, direction pad moves vertically and makes the background of the screen spin - $3
Pokemon Pikachu Plushie [2 available] - $7
Pokemon Pichu Pencil/Pen Top Figure - $1
Pokemon Psyduck Mini Figure - $1
Viz Media Coin [4 available] - $1

Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone Large Promo Card [2 available] - $3
Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone Mini Promo Card - $2
Blood The Last Vampire Live-action Movie Promo Card - $3
F.A.O Schwarz Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls Blast Off! Dolls! Promo Card [2 available] - $1
One Piece Shonen Jump Promo Card - $2
Baccano! Promo Card - $2
Rin-ne, Kekkaishi, Maoh: Juvenile Remix, Hyde & Closer, Arata: The Legend 2009-2010 Calendar Sheet Poster - $3

Naruto Vol. 1 Enter: Naruto DVD US Version (not pictured) - $3
Video Games and Related Merchandise - Video games are complete with original case, cover art insert, manual, and game and are all in great condition unless otherwise stated. PS games have not been tested yet. Buy at your own risk. They have very little scratches on the discs.

GBA: Rebelstar Tactical Command, Cartridge game only - $5
Nintendo DS Rumble Pak - $5
NDS: Naruto: Path of the Ninja (not pictured) - $10
PS: 007 Tomorrow Never Dies PlayStation Black Label Version (1999) - $3
PS: WWF War Zone, no manual - $4
PS: Gran Turismo Greatest Hits version, no manual - $5
PS2: NBA 2K8 - $5
Official Xbox 360 Promo Messenger Bag w/ Adjustable Strap, New in plastic and box - $7
PS: Final Fantasy Tactics (Greatest Hits Version), picture will be posted soon - $17
PSP: Final Fantasy Tactics (Greatest Hits Version), picture will be posted soon - $15
Posters will be shipped no earlier than Monday, March 22, 2010, since I will be be buying tubes on the 19th:
Halo Legends 3 in a series of 7 Promo Poster approx. 26"x 37.5", only 1500 printed - $30

Genso Suikoden IV Limited Edition Original Soundtrack Catalog # Kola 102~103, New and sealed - $35
Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- Original Soundtrack Catalog # CRCP 40139/40, New and sealed - $25
Final Fantasy White Original Card Case Soundtrack Campaign 2008-2009, promo from CD Japan, New and sealed - $10
Nintendo DS Headset, like new - $7
Lego Batman The Video Game Official Promo Ad Sheet [2 available]- $1
Army of Two: The 40th Day Official Promo Ad Sheet [4 available] - $1

Dragonica Online Official Promo Sticker - $1
Unbound Saga Official Promo Card [2 available] - $1
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Postcard Official Promo- $3
Final Fantasy Dissidia Official Promo Fan, New and sealed - $10
Official San Diego Comic Con 2008 Dead Space Plastic Bag - Shows wear - $2
Official San Diego Comic Con 2009 Dante's Inferno Plastic Bag [4 available] - Shows wear - $2
Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Potion Red XIII, New, not opened, drink is expired - $10
Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Potion Zack, New, not opened, drink is expired - $10
Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Potion Vincent, New, not opened, drink is expired, can has dent - $10
Movies and Music - Pictures can be provided upon request.
Naruto Vol. 1 Enter: Naruto DVD U.S. Version - $3
Chocolate DVD, New and Sealed - $10
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Blu-ray, some wear on slip case cover - $20
NEWS Weeeek Limited Edition Single (Japanese version), New and sealed - $20
Miscellaneous and Random Items
Hello Kitty Stickers and Various Stationery Paper - $1
Hello Kitty Mini Red Bucket - $1
Keropi Mini Scissors in Plastic Bag - $1
Sanrio 3-Piece Eraser Set - $1
Bluish-clear Bear Eraser-top - $1

Bagio Philippines Mini Bag Keychain - $1
Singapore Fan w/ tassle Keychain, sealed - $2

Long Letter Stationery Pad, used, some paper missing and the front cover is ripped off - $1
White Cover Letter Stationery Pad, used, some paper missing, corners are frayed - $1
Paper Stars, used, some strips have been used, so some are missing - $0.50
Red Star Confetti - $0.50
Sanrio Hello Kitty Brown Wrapping Ribbon 10mm x 2M, New - $2
Sanrio Hello Kitty White Wrapping Ribbon 15mm x 2M, New - $2
Foldable Food Gift Box, New and sealed - $2
Natural Lunch Time Brown Lunch Bag, New w/ tag - $4
Natural Lunch Time Pink Drawstring Bag, New w/ tag - $4
Metal Tea Strainer, New in box - $2
Sanrio Blue Bear White Mug, New in box - $8
Tan Colored Pencil Bag, slightly worn and a bit dirty, but can be cleaned - $3
Freebies - Free with any purchase, check out my sales post to see items.
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