Blu8e (blu8e) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Posters for less then $3.00
Bleach Gashapon $4 each or $15 for all 5
Fruits Basket Kyo Plush $12.00
Mangas: Ranma 1/2 [1st edition]; Rebirth; Guardian Angel Getten; King of Hell; Cowboy Bebop; Hands Off; Shirahime Sho [hardcover]; Trigun; Snow Drop; Suki; and lots more!
Clamp no Kiseki
Shonen Jump
Asian Magazines
Macross; Gravitation; 3x3 Eyes; X; Sakura Wars; Final Fantasy $6.00 each including shipping
DVDs: GTO; Ceres; City Hunter, SoulTaker; Initial D; Saiyuki; Gravitation; Trigun; and more! Most of them are brand new and still in the wrapping.
VHS: Shadow Skills; Legend of the Forest; The Tale of Genji; Macross Plus; Darkside Blues; Neon Genesis; Maison Ikkoku; Ranma 1/2; Gatchaman; Oh! My Goddess; Street Fighter; Urusei Yatsura; Lodoss War; Slayers; Zenki; RG Veda; and more! all $5.00 each including shipping.
Dragonball Z Trading Cards
Lami Cards:
Angelic Layer; Azumanga Daioh; Fruits Basket; Happy Lesson; Kare Kano, One Piece; Saiyuki; Samurai Deeper Kyo; Shaman King; Slayers; Star Ocean EX; Steel Angel Kurumi; Tiny Snow Fair Sugar; all $1.00 each including shipping.
Clear Cards: Apocirpha/0; Saiyuki; Wild Adapter; all $1.50 each including shipping.
AP Collection Cards: Happy Lesson; .hack; Onegai Teacher; Tenchi; Kokoro Library; all $1.50 each including shipping.
Keychains less then $3.50
Pins & Can Badges more then 50% off the price I got them for.
Lots of cute Cell Phone Straps for $5.00 including shipping or less.
Tones of Pencil Boards / Shitajiki.
Angelique or Chobits Planner Refills $3.50 each
Steel Angel Kurumi Bookmarks
One Piece Notebooks $4.00 each including shipping.
Clear Files: Ah! My Goddess; Clamp; Bus Gamers
Post Cards: Mahoromatic (clear); Digi Charat; Gangan Girls; Violinist of Hameln; Angel Sanctuary; all $1.00 including shipping.

That's just a small list of what I have for sale. Please visit blue for pictures and description. I accept Money Order, Cash, PayPal, and Trades.
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