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selling~ ^O^

@____@; I am selling a CRAPLOAD of stuff. And it's all very pretty, so look! XD
It's mainly jrock magazines, posters and CDs from bands including Dir en Grey, PLC, Pierrot and MASK, but there are also one or two cute fruitsy things :)
Prices given do not include shipping! And feel free to negotiate!

note: lots of pictures, and they're all different sizes so it looks really funny >___> I am awful at resizing...... BUT if you think the picture is too small, just let me know and I'll put up a bigger one :D/
p.s. I live in Singapore.
nb: I accept Paypal (please let me know if you wish to pay from credit card) and well concealed cash.
...other stuff: my ebay feedback. it's not much, and I haven't sold anything on ebay yet BUT... it's a start.. >_>


Fools Mate w/Kirito on cover Fools Mate w/Kirito on cover - $6

in brand new condition!
Fools Mate w/ Pierrot on Cover Fools Mate w/ Pierrot on Cover - $6

Arena 37c w/ Pierrot on Cover Arena 37c w/ Pierrot on Cover - $7

comes with double sided poster (sorry it looks kind of weird >> and it's on my wall, I can't be bothered to take it down and take a picture of the other side ^^;) it's in good/okay condition ^^
SHOXX w/ PLC on cover SHOXX w/ PLC on cover - $7 *SOLD*

comes with some really cute stickers :3
UV w/ Kiyoharu UV w/ Kiyoharu - $8 *SOLD*

comes with poster (never hung)
UV w/ MUCC UV w/ MUCC - $8 *SOLD*

comes with double sided MUCC/Kirito pinup.
Arena 37c w/ TMR on Cover Arena 37c w/ TMR on Cover -$8 *SOLD*

comes with GIGANTIC double sided poster (never hung)
side A
side B
PLC poster PLC poster - $3 *SOLD*

never hung.
Kra poster Kra poster - $3

never hung.
Kra pinup Kra pinup - $1 *SOLD*

never hung. other side
Fanatic Crisis poster Fanatic Crisis poster - $2

never hung (why is the picture so small @_@)
misc. nightmare posters misc. nightmare posters - prices vary *SOLD*

conditions vary, ask for more details ^^ A, B, C, E all come from SHOXX. D is from Neo v001.

poster D - other side

PRICES: *determined by condition*
A - $2 *SOLD*
B - $4 *SOLD*
C - $3*SOLD*
D - $2*SOLD*
E - $2*SOLD*
misc. posters (A3 size) - $5 misc. laminated posters (A3 size0) *SOLD*

Miyavi, Kyo, Toshiya. Miyavi and Kyo ($5)are still in the plastic wraps (as you can see). I put up the Toshiya ($4)one before but you can't tell (no pin holes, nothing)
Laminated Toshiya poster (A4 size) - $2 Toshiya laminated poster (A4 size)

Palette - Atelier (?) Palette - Atolier (?) -$6

ollddd PS company band. quite good actually :3 and in brand new condition.
Kalen - Utata no Kokoro Kalen - Utata no Kokoro - $8 *SOLD*

brand new condition.
MASK - Hammer MASK - Hammer - $8

comes with a large CD case sized Sana picture (inside - please ask for a photo because I forgot to take one), and comment CD.
MASK - unknown MASK - [unknown title] - $10

2 CDs, one is feat. Kazutake, other is feat. SANA. comes with trading card.
Shelly Trip Realize - KISS Shelly Trip Realize - KISS - $10

this is a music CD, not a DVD. the lyrics page can be unfolded into a cute poster! also comes with the comment CD.
2 Hyde + 1 Gackt photos 2 Hyde *SOLD* + 1 Gackt photos - $1 each, $2 together

printed on glossy photo paper. they're really pretty :3
Miyavi - printed signature.. things. Miyavi - printed signature.. things - $3 each, or $8 for all *SOLD*

:D they're really funny~ (the one on the top right has been sold)
D flyer D flyer - $1 OR free with other purchase *SOLD*

folded across the middle.
BLOOD flyer BLOOD flyer - $1 OR free with other purchase *SOLD*

misc. badges misc. badges - prices vary *SOLD*

3 Dir en Grey, one warumono (Kyo's favourite character! XD), one Jack (nightmare before christmas), one Aoi (gazette), one gloomy bear.
I would like to sell these all together (or at least not one by one) for $5. If you feel that you REALLY only just want one or two (or three... or four...), they will be $1 each.
misc. fruitsy/decora hair clips misc. fruitsy/decora hair clips - $2 per pair or $6 together *SOLD*

I never really wore these +____+ just once... and at that time I only wore half of them >_> but they are so cute! my favourite are the red and white polka dotted ones :D;
cute cherry keychain/accessory cute cherry keychain/accessory - $2

it's so cute!
misc. bracelets misc. bracelets

never really wore any of them :/ you can suggest a price.

please buy my stuff~~~
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