takilajf (takilajf) wrote in garagesalejapan,

WTB: yaoi!

Looking for yaoi stuff! 

Hi all. :  ) As you see, I'm looking for yaoi stuff. 
Mainly mangas, but if you have some nice propositions, feel free to pm me. 

There is two important things: stuff only in japanese and... sellers only from Europe or from China/other countries, where shipping isn't too high to Poland.  It's sad, but shipping from USA for one manga is about 7-10$ and it's too high as for me. 

I can pay via PayPal in US dollars or other value - doesn't matter.
And you can imagine that I'm looking only for cheap stuff from book-off or something like that. 

Please, write only on my e-mail: love.necoco@gmail.com 
(I don't check my PM's box on LiveJournal, sorry. : ( ) 

Thanks! ^^

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