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15 April 2010 @ 07:59 pm

Hey everyone! I still have tonnes of items for sale at my personal sales comm! Come take a peek; you might find something you like!


Figures (various Msr. BOME, MegaHouse Tsubasa 4+1 InPack)
Manga (Gensomaden Saiyuki [complete], Saiyuki RELOAD [partial])
Doujinshi (Gravitation REMIX Vol. 7 [18+ only])
DVDs (Gokudo: Collection Extraordinaire)
Re-ment (French Treats/パリのおやつ, Grandmother's House/おばあちゃん家, Finest Sushi/極上寿司)
CDs (HAYASHIBARA Megumi: plenty of grit single, Dir en grey 「MISSA」 through 「THE MARROW OF A BONE」, plus some LP/singles)
Miscellaneous (Hand-made (not by me!) Panda Hoodie, various UFO paraphernalia (Prince of Tennies, Tsubasa, PreCure, etc), Tarepanda, FrogStyle, etc...!)
and more!

Thanks for looking!
Current Mood: happyhappy