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Yaoi manga for sale!!


My name is Jazmin and I decided to sell all my manga. I'm not an active member of this or any livejournal community but I'm an active member at Aarinfantasy (kirika) and Den of Angels (yumi~). I've sold a lot of things on the Den of Angels forum and I also have 100% feedback on ebay, username: bishies_queen. I want to try to sell them here first BUT if they don't get sold,  I'll put them up for sale on ebay.

Every manga was read once and they're in mint condition, like NEW.

More info under the cut! :)

I'm located in NJ, USA. I'd prefer USA buyers rather than international buyers. I accept paypal, money orders and concealed cash ( At your OWN risk!). No checks of any kind or credit cards.

Shipping method options

I will ship everything by either: priority mail(delivery confirmation # included)= $6 or media mail= $3

I will ship item(s) within the following timeframe after receiving payment (depending on the payment method you choose):

Money Orders: I will ship the item as soon as the check has been cleared (3-5 business days)

Verified paypal accounts preferred (2-3 business days) * all types with fees applied because I have a Premier account. To double check the paypal fee amount, you can go to this website.

Concealed cash: Orders paid by concealed cash will be shipped immediately. However, If
you decide to take this as your payment method, keep in mind that I will NOT be responsible for any lost money during the mailing process. So, everything will be AT YOUR OWN RISK!

A small picture of some of the manga (I will take individual pictures upon request).

If you're interested, have any questions or need pictures of certain mangas, please don't hesitate to send me a message to:

Now, on to the manga!

Descendants of Darkness 1 & 3-11  whole package only (I don't sell the books per separate): $50
Let Dai 1-15    whole package only: $80
Totally Captivated 1-6     whole package only:  $48
Godchild 1-8     whole package only: $72
Cain Saga 1-4      whole package only:  $20
Loveless 1-8      whole package only: $60
Junjou Romantica 1-9  whole package only: $72

Embracing Love 1 and 4  $20  each
Only The Ring Finger Knows novels 1-3  $8 each
Cold Sleep  $5
Gaged Slave  $5
Lonely Egoist  $5   SOLD
Body Language $5
Immortal Darkness $5
Croquis $5
Living For Tomorrow $5
The Crimson Spell 1-2 $10 each
Better Than A Dream $5 
Gentle Cage $5
Desire $8
The Guilty Vol 1 $5   
"S" novels 1-4  $8  each
Bond(z)  $10
Love Is Like A Hurricane 1-5  $10 each
Thunderbolt Boys 1-2  $6 each
Yakusa In Love 1-3  $6 each
I kiss All The Boys 1-3  $6 each
I Shall Never Return 1-3 $8 each
Incubus 1-3  $8 each       
Waru $5
Kissing $5
Hybrid Child $5  ON HOLD
Don't Blame me 1-2 $6 each
Princess-Princess 1-5  $5 each
Love Recipe 1-2  $5 each
Thirsty For Love  $5
Clans of The Nakagamis 1-2 $5 each
Hero Heel 1-3  $5 each   ON HOLD
Star $3  ** there are like 3 pages up side down.
Steal Moon  $5   ON HOLD
Future Lovers 1-2  $9 each
Take Me To Heaven $8
Love Round $7
Red Blinds The Foolish $6
Yokai's Hunger $5  
Off Beat 1-2  $9 each
Finder Series 1 $20
Lies and Kisses $10 
Devil's Secret $10
Delivery Cupid $10
Pet On Duty $8
Ruff love  $5
Antique Baquery 2-4  $5 each
Time Lag  $5
Love Holic 1-2  $6 each
Invisible Boy 1-2 $6 each
Close The last Door  $8
Pathos 1-2 $8 each   ON HOLD
constellations  $5
Cafe Kichijouji 1-3  $6 each
Il Gatto Sul G 1-2  $6 each
Same Cell Organism  $6
Only The Ring Finger Knows  $8

Recently added:

The summit vol1  $10
U don't know me  $10
CUT  $10
Love mode  vol.6  $10
Don't worry mama (novel) $8
The man who doesn't take his clothes off 1-2  $5 each
Brother  $10
Stolen heart  $8
Just around the corner  $10
Last Portrait  $10  ON HOLD until Saturday
The Prime Minister's Secret Diplomacy $10  ON HOLD until Saturday
Desire (novel) $8


Be boy January 1,  2008 - $10
Be boy March 3,  2008 - $10

Non- yaoi/shounen ai:

we where there 1-2 $5 each

*I forgot to add, I work full time on the weekends that's why I will be answering messages at 12:00 am. My policy is first come, first serve, so rest assured that I will get to you eventually c:

**I will keep items ON HOLD until MONDAY because there are many people asking for the same items and if they are not claimed until then, I will contact the other person, hopefully they will be still interested. ^^;


Thanks for looking!
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