Christina (lostdecoy) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Anime Goodies on eBay!

It was time to do a clean sweep since I have so much stuff! Just listed a bunch of new auctions on eBay:

Shaman King Official Anna UFO Plush by Banpresto
Naruto Official Sakura Part 1 UFO Plush by Banpresto w/Inner Sakura
Naruto Official Kakashi UFO Plush by Banpresto
Naruto Bandai Jiraiya Trading Figure with stand in box
Naruto Bandai Diorama Gashapon Figure Part 1 6 figure Set 2003
Initial D Cellular Phone Flash Stand featuring Trueno with light up headlights
Berserk Art of War Skull Knight Figure NIB
Prince of Tennis AOZ Mini File with Guitar Pick
Prince of Tennis Momo Zipper Fastener Mascot
Prince of Tennis Karupin Plush w/Bag & Extra
Prince of Tennis Momoshiro UFO Plush Set - Lot of 7
Prince of Tennis Momoshiro Gashapon Figure
Prince of Tennis Kaidoh Gashapon Figure

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