simhumansales (simhumansales) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Prices cut! Big sale on doujinshi and more!

This summer I'm getting married and moving cross-country. Everything here must go before then! I ship from California to anywhere in the world. Because I'm relocating soon, I can only take Paypal. All prices are wide open for negotiation! Let's make a deal!

Doujinshi - Buy three books, get one free! Prices cut 4/25!
( One Piece, mostly Zoro/Sanji; many books by famous artist Tokunaga Mako/TECHNIQUES )
( Naruto, mostly Kakashi/Iruka )
( Final Fantasy, Dragon Ball, and free with any purchase miscellaneous doujin )

( DVDs & CDs: DBZ movies, One Piece, Haruhi, Gungrave; CDs from Tetsujin 28, Last Exile, and Angelique )
( Video Games: Phoenix Wright, Ouendan, Zelda, and assorted older games )
( Books & Manga: Japanese study books, Cromartie, X, and others )
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