Askeladden, also called Boots (wodhaund) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Askeladden, also called Boots

Jrock Special Continues!

Plenty of things available - feel free to make me an offer. This is a repost of things that never sold.

I'm sorry, everyone, but I cannot accept cash sent through the mail. (It's considered mail fraud.) I'll always take paypal, of course, and I'll accept money order (postal only, please) and checks in certain circumstances. (I won't take counter checks, since they can be forged SUPER easy.)

Leave me a comment here if interested in anything, or mail me at mcarper83 @ (remove the spaces).

hide Ganbandazo 40.00
Sold - thank you

Gackt Requiem et Reminiscence Concert Video

Due le Quartz magazine flyer
Gackt Fuji advertisement
Gackt shitajiki

Band Hotline Jan. '02 Feat. Gackt, Glay, L'arc-en-ciel
Pati Pati Mar. '02
Pati Pati Special Jan. '02 feat. w-inds
CD Data Dec. '01 Feat. Gackt
Hyper Popbeat '01 (Gackt, Dir en Grey, Janne Da Arc, etc)
Popolo Jan. '02 Feat. Kinki Kids
Junon Jan. '02 Feat. "Japan's most beautiful men"
Potato Jan. '02 Feat. Takky
Kera Magazine Apr. '02

Pierrot doujin by Un+Con (Shounen Ai) Sold, thanks.
GLAY Pure Soul by various
GLAY Pachipachizu by Crossangel + Greyash
GLAY Wonderful World by (unknown) (includes some 4-koma in back, including one feat. Gackt. o.O;)

Aucifer poster
Gackt Calendar poster 1
Gackt Calendar poster 2
Gackt Calendar poster 3
Gackt poster

I will hold items, but only for 3 days. If there's no contact or payment by that time, I'll have to put it back on sale. Sorry.

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