Lillith Mizer (silentsecret428) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Lillith Mizer

Well it appears i am going to reduce prices because i may have been sacked from work.
Its an interesting issue and i'm not really that concerned since i've been told i wouldnt be in the involves being jibbed $40 in pay ;)

1.) Gackt 2004 poster calendar $30 .. i reduced this like hell too.
2.) Cardcaptor sakura stamps $40 (set of 3... rare as hell...and official)

Pictures and details please ask.

SHIPPING not included, but will ship internationally
I reside in Australia
Can accept paypal and bank transfer.

All items bought from me including the Kaoru poster, doll items and anything else will be shipped out by monday. Problems in work caused this delay.. i really am sorry.
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