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I'm selling Miyavi's Gekokujou VHS, that is his first recorded live for 37 USD, before shipping. It's only been viewed once! It's just like new and comes with everything it first came with, including the poster. The poster itself is gorgeous, I've never taken it out but for these picture!! It's double sided, one with a giant shot of Miyavi, the other littered with amny little pictures of miyavi and kanji.

Here are the pictures :

And here's the tracklist:

01. Girls, be ambitious
02. coinlockers baby
03. oresama shikou
04. hatachi kinenbi -Peter Pan Syndrome-
05. gariben rock
06. jibun kakumei -2003-
07. jingle bell (kari)
08. shoukyo to sakujyo
09. ashita, tenki ni naare
10. POP is dead
11. shindemo Boogie-Woogie
12. Guitar solo
13. eccentric otona yamai
14. Girls, be ambitious

I paid a buttload for this when it first came out and 37 is significantly less than what I paid for it but I'm desperate for cash, I prefer paypal, infact that's the only form of payment I'll take for this. If anyone offers me more than 37 dollars you get it instantly. Hell 37.01 will oust a simple 37 bucks so~ yeah.

If you have any questions or concerns, comment here. I'll answer as quickly as I can! :D

*DUCKY is not for sale!
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