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13 May 2010 @ 05:07 pm
last chance to buy!  
all the j-rock, visual kei and anime stuffs in my selling journal must go by the end of this week so feel free to make offers! i will give all the cds, tapes & dvds that are left to a cd store nearby where they will probably just collect dust and get thrown away eventually. all the signed stuffs, posters, stickers, magazines etc. that are left will get thrown away resp. will go in the next used paper collection.

cds, tapes & dvds: http://ekkaia.livejournal.com/7447.html
merry pouch, various buttons, jinkaku radio phone strap, hyde wrist band: http://ekkaia.livejournal.com/6674.html
signed stuffs, posters, stickers, mags, etc.: http://ekkaia.livejournal.com/6941.html

there are also new additions here:
clothes: http://ekkaia.livejournal.com/7774.html
bags, jewellery, etc.: http://ekkaia.livejournal.com/6674.html