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{For Sale} Due'le Quartz, Pierrot, Velvet Eden, BTSSB

I desperately need to be rid of these items. I no longer have the space to store them.
Plus, it is that time of the year that all my pets need their yearly vet check-ups and money is tight.

Items are shipped from Canada.
Price includes worldwide shipping.
I can only accept paypal at the time. (But I accept all kinds!)
Don't be afraid to haggle, just be fair.

I have 100% positive feedback under the eBay username of DarkFaerieQueen

Due'le Quartz :「6419461049162791」-69  (VHS) - $20US
Due'le Quartz: Braintine 2001.02.14 live (VHS)  - $20US
Due'le Quartz: TOUR「アメと鞭を...」FINAL2002.01.07 in 赤坂BLITZ (VHS) - $20US

Velvet Eden: Sad Mask (VHS) - $45US

Pierrot: Dictators Circus V 200.7.23 live (VHS) - $20US
Pierrot: Rising a Mad Sky at Nippon Budokan FIRST PRESS (VHS) - $35US (it is a bit heavier than a normal VHS because of the extras it came with)

hide: Alivest (DVD) - $20US (this was released as an all-regions DVD)

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright limited edition Xmas Bear (54 of 150)  picture of tag with number - $40US
Tags: fashion: egl, music: jrock
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