timelord (zombies_bite) wrote in garagesalejapan,

auctions, auctions, auctions!

* proceeds going towards paying my medical/ER bills. D:

All auctions located here

Headliner auctions

- 1/6th Amaha Masane (Witchblade); starting at 9.99USD
- 1/6th Alter Saber (Fate/Stay); starting at 9.99USD
- Limited Akihime Sumomo (Goodsmile) + PS2 game; starting at 19.99 or has a BIN at 53USD
- Mari-tan Nendo; starting at 9.99USD

And now:

(as they say, every little bit counts)

Info: Figures range from capsule figures to prize figures to 1/8th+ scale

Currently up are figures from:

Final Fantasy, Melty Blood, Queen's Blade, BOME, Pokemon, Digimon, Nadesico, Ah/Oh My Goddess, Black Cat, Kingdom Hearts, some extra Nendo parts and more.

Most of them I was going to use for some custom projects but never got around to using them so here's you're chance to either grab some custom ideas for yourself or some figures are very excellent prices. :D !

You can either click on the picture or the link on the top to get to all current auctions ~

To be added later tonight: Morrigan (Banpresto, Darkstalkers) & a few other random figures
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