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Posters & furoku [Image heavy]

♣ All sales are FINAL
♣ Prices are in US dollars
♣ All prices does NOT include shipping
Total price will be calculated as: ITEM PRICE + Shipping + Paypal fee
♣ I only accept PAYPAL payments. Sorry!
♣ I'm located in the US. So if you live in another country; the shipping would be obviously higher. So please keep that in mind.
♣ If you want me to estimate the shipping cost of your order, please provide me your zipcode when inquiring.
    Keep in mind that it is just an estimate, the actual shipping cost can be higher or lesser.
PLEASE  GET BACK TO ME ASAP WHETHER YOU WILL GET THE ITEM OR NOT. I see a lot of people doing that to me lately. Please don't make me wait for nothing.
♣ I try to reply within 24 hours, so please don't mail me multiple times within 24 hour duration. I go to school and work. Thanks!
♣ Got questions? Feel free to PM me or comment on this post.

» By default, I will choose the cheapest way to ship your items but please keep in mind that the items are not insured and it won't have a tracking number.
» Please go to the USPS site for more details about the shipping methods and other options (insurance, tracking fees etc).
» I'm not responsible for any lost items/packages. Anyway, I will scan the receipt of USPS as a proof that I sent your package. (by request)

Stickers $3 each (Free shipping)

Clear Files $4 each SOLD

Random stuffs
Hagaren DIY Tissue Box   $1

Hagaren Calendar (At the back side) $1

Hagaren 2Way Plate $1

Nakayoshi 2010 Calendar $1

Code Geass CD Jacket/Cover $2

Macross Frontier Triangular Booklet $2
Dengeki 4Koma Comics  $1
Sample Pages

Evangelion Mini Fanbook $3
[ Sample Page]

Anime School Calendar $3
The pictures inside are on the that cover page

Post Cards




 (front side: CG, back: Kuroshitsuji)
About 2.3 times bigger to those spreads
Photobucket Photobucket

I also have manga, gaming magazines, manga magazines,  PS2 Otome games to sell, all are in Japanese language. If you're interested, just comment/PM me then and I will give you a list.
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