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Selling H naoto, Bye Bye, Tripp, Juicy Couture

Still trying to sell please have a look
All prices do not include shipping unless otherwise specified
I only accept Paypal
If you don't like the price, negotiations can be made
If you are interested and want to know the size, just ask, but please keep in mind that these are amateur measurements
Please also allow me some time to go to the post office to weigh the items^^;;
And as always, I'm open to questions^^

H Naoto:
Channel H Costume (Price Lowered!)


Price: 250 USD shipped in the US
Condition: Only worn inside about 2 times
I payed over 400 dollars for this, and am sad to let it go, but I really don't have any chance to wear it ;.;
Includes top, shorts, leggings, clip on tail

H Anarchy Yukata:


Price: 200 USD shipped in the US
Condition: Bought used off Mbok auctions, only worn inside by me
shows signs of wear (some threads sticking up) but it is in really good condition^^
Another piece that I'm sad to let go of, but I don't really wear it that much
Includes Yukata, Obi, and H naoto knapsack^^

Bye Bye Set:

Closeups of the tops:
Price: 50 USD shipped in the US
Price: 25 dollars shipped in the US
Condition: Brand new
I recommend this for size small

Yukata Pre-tied Bow:

Price: 10 dollars
Condition: New

Juicy Couture Scarf:

Price: 27 USD shipped in the US
Condition: New

Harajuku Lovers Watch:

Price: 10 USD
Condition: Used, there are a few scratches on the surface, but not too bad. It is still running

Pandapple Tote Bag:

Price: 5 USD
Condition: Used, I washed it and ironed it, and it seems to be in really good condition^^

Tripp Arm Warmers:

Price: 12 USD shipped in the US
Condition: Used, but in good condition^^

Thanks for looking^^ please let me know if you have any questions^^

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