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Miss Kalloway

[Selling] Manga, Anime, Toys, Video Games, etc.!

Dozens of volumes of manga (and more) recently added! Multi-volumes, complete sets, yaoi, shonen, shoujo, and more~ Most books are $3, most DVDs $5, and most VHS tapes only $1 - I also have toys, video games, figures, magazines, tons of $1 and FREE items along with Transformers, 1980's goodies, etc. Prices are always negotiable and trades are a possibility~ Please take a look at my Sale Post and my Sale Gallery which is full of pictures of almost everything!

New! Yubinbasya full-color FFVII doujinshi! FMA items! Devil May Cry standee! More FREE goodies~! Gundam Wing CD! Free shipping in the US on any media purchase over $25!

Manga - $3/each, DVDs - $5/each
(Mister Mistress, Gakuen Heaven, 1001 Nights, KH:CoM SOLD)

Manga - $3/each, VHS - $1/each - DVDs - $5/each - Nadesico 2-Disc DVD - $10, FFXII - $20
(Rave Master HOLD, Black Knight SOLD)

Manga - $3/each, SM VHS - $2, DVDs - $5/each, Mister Mistress Set - $8, VHS - $1
(SailorMoon SOLD)

Manga - $3/each, DVDs - $5/each!
(Suikoden SOLD)

DVDs - $5/each, Manga - $3/each, VHS - $1/each, DMP Yaoi Manga - $5/each
(Close the Last Door SOLD)

Manga - $3/each, VHS - $1/each, DVDs - $5/each, all of X - $25

Manga - $3/each, DVDs - $5/each

Steady Beat - $5/set

Ryo-Ohki Light - $5
(needs batteries)

PSone - $2
(no cords, worked when tested)

Intron Depot Journal - $1

KH Figure Set - $8

YGO shirt - $1 (Boys XL, worn a couple times)

Yugi Figure - $1

Dengeki PSM - $4

Tales of the Tempest DS Accessory Set - $8


(first FY tape is free with purchase)

FFVII:AC Cloud & Fenrir - $50

Code Geass Cards - $3, FMA Pencilboard - $3
(small spot on Lulu card)

Macross Frontier Official File 2 - $5

Kallen - $7 HOLD
Allelujah - $5
Tidus - $5
Maria - $1

Riza Plush Keychain - SOLD, Metal Keychain - $3 HOLD, Riza Pin - $1

FLAT RATE BOX OF COMICS/MANGA/ANIME MAGAZINES - FREE! (shipping is $12 anywhere in the US - box holds about 50-60 issues, selection is random and may not be as pictured, as multiple lots exist)

Ed Figure - $15

Gangan - $1

FFVII Yubinbasya doujinshi - MAKE OFFER
It's absolutely beautiful and in very good condition, with postcard~

Cardcaptors Standee - $1, Manga - $3/each

Dante Standee - $5
(never been assembled - this is nearly life-sized and while it folds into thirds, it's still big -- please only inquire if you're serious about the $20-30 it might take to ship. also, it does have a little damage around the edges, just from age and being stored)

Gundam Wing CD - $5

Thanks for looking! Have a great weekend!
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