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[Selling] Anime, Jpop, Jrock Merchandise =3

Hey~~~ I have some stuff for sale. :3 Maybe you might be interested! Anyways, do take a look at my shop
And, here's a list of items I got up ^^

w-inds. merchandise: Photos ll Photo Albums ll Albums & Singles ll Postcards ll Posters
Manga: [Yaoi] JR 7 ll Rin 1 ll Clear Skies 1 ll Maid in Heaven ll Mister Mistress 1-2 ll II Gatto sul G 1-2 ll
Hard Rock ll Sweet Regard ll Cute Beast ll Not Enough Time ll Author's Pet ll Crushing Love ll Melted Love ll
Love Bus Stop ll Blue Sky ll Today's Ulterior Motives ll Tomorrow's Ulterior Motives ll Reversible ll
Lonely Egoist ll Sweet Admiration ll Like a Love Comedy ll Don't worry Mama ll The man who doesn't take off his clothes 1-2 ll Fevered Kiss
[Shoujo/Other] Wallflower 1-6 ll Peach Girl 1-3 ll Alice 19th 1-7 ll Kare First Love 1-8 ll Imadoki 1-5 ll D.N.Angel 1-10 ll Descendants of Darkness 1-11
Anime DVD: Saiyuki 1-9 ll .hack//sing 1-6 ll .hack/twilight 1-2 ll
Magazines: Shoxx, Cure, Gothic & Lolita Bible
Posters: D ll Code Geass ll D.Gray Man ll Bleach ll Xiah ll Fahrenheit ll
Anime:  Code Geass Ashford Graphics (book + Poster) ll Yamamoto Takeshi strap ll Code Geass strap ll Lelouch figure strap ll Ichigo figure strap ll Shinji figure strap ll Hibari & Dino bookmark ll Buttons ll D.gray Man Lavi & Kanda figure, Lavi fastener
Albums:  Lead Life on Da Beat ll Lead Atarashii Kisetsue single ll Lead Brand New Era ll Suju first album ll Suju T single ll News Touch album ll Morning Musume 6 ll Shinhwa ll Run & Gun ll FTTS ll S ll Ayumi Hamasaki My Story ll Big Bang 2nd mini Album
Others: Big Bang Poster ll Big Bang Poster album ll Gundam 00 Aluminum Bottle ll Gundam Seed figures
Nitro+Chiral: Zenya & Sorcerer one-coin

Tags: anime, manga: english, music: jpop
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