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Giant Sale of Doom.

Sailor Moon Season One, full uncut subtitled season $60 (watched the last disc once)
Sailor Moon R, full uncut subtitled season $60 (never watched)
OR both for $110 - both pending emails, with backups

X/1999 full series with collectors box, $65 blu8e
X/1999 box w/ volumes One and Two, $35
Hellsing box w/ bloodpack and volumes One and Two, $35
Kare Kano box w/ volume one, $15 (since it has the box)

Cowboy Bebop Japanese DVD sessions 5 and 9 w/ alternate covers, $15 each (You have no clue how much it hurts to sell those.)

Sailor Moon S, final volume US release,
Ah! My Goddess the Movie
Miyuki Chan in Wonderland
Battle of the Planets Volume One
The 12 Kingdoms Vol 1
The Utena Movie tdei
Mezzo Forte
Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 0:8 (the Kaworu volume)
Tenchi the Movie 2
Sailor Moon S movie - pending
Gundam Wing Operation One - sold e_hikari
Gundam Wing Operation 2 -, sold e_hikari
Fatal Fury the Movie
Future Blues Seatbelts concert DVD
Utena Vol 1 and Utena Vol 2 - all of these are $10 each

Trigun the First and Second donuts, Second Donuts still in shrink wrap, $7 each
Wedding Peach music bouquets 1 & 2, $7 each (one is still in shrink wrap)
Malice Mizer: Memoire, Mizerable, $5 each
A bunch of Angel Sanctuary drama cds, $5 each

The Smashing Pumpkins The Aeroplane flies high singles boxset, make an offer because I have no clue. (Obviously not Japanese, but it was a Europe-only release.)

I'm willing to cut deals if you buy multiple things too, but let's not go nuts. I can take paypal (if CC add on like $.75 for fees), money orders, well hidden cash at your own risk, and checks, but if you give me the latter I'll wait until the check clears before mailing your stuff.

If you guys know anyone who may be interested in any of this stuff, tell them to drop me an email. Costumes will probably go on ebay if there are no takers.

Shipping is $1 for CDs and $2 for DVDs. If you order lots of items or the boxes, I'll have to calculate it for you-ditto international buyers.

Look for some of my comics, doujinshi, TPBs, GNs, and more manga coming soon.
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