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Malice Mizer~La Collection des Singles -L'edition Limitee For Sale~


Due to recent financial problems i have decided that i need to sell a few things out of my J-rock collection. What i'm selling is the Malice Mizer La Collection des Singles. It is for sale on YesAsia where i originally bought it from for £52/$92.


This is the music box(left) and the box it came in. I have only had this for a few months.Both are in very good condition.

Close up of the music box(pencil is to show relative size)

This is inside the music box, which upon opening plays "Bel Air" very beautifully. The inside is lined with black velvet, and there is a small crank to make the music play once it has stopped.

These are the CD+DVD and photobooklet that was included inside. The CD's tracklisting is available here. There is some different versions of "Gekka no Yasouyoku" and "Au Revoir" also which is interesting to listen to. The DVD contains the short, silent movie Malice Mizer made, which features the story of the "Bel Air" PV.

The photo booklet contains artistic photo's of each band member, and all the lyrics to each song contained on the collection. It also shows pictures of the singles. (see next pic to see what i mean)

The photobooklet is in mint condition. ^^ i have only flipped through it once or twice.

How much do i want?: I reallly don't want to part with this because it is such a beautiful and collectible item for any Malice Mizer/Visual Kei fan, but i am seriously lacking in the money department. So i'm looking at between £35/$61--£40/$70 or Best Offer.

Payment methods: Within the UK, i will accept cheques and paypal, or cash by registered mail. Outside the UK, i accept only Paypal(sorry).

Any questions please feel free to leave a comment or email me at deviate.and.whirl @ gmail.com

Thankyou for looking!


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