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Hi everyone!!

I'm searching for the Virgo Myth Cloth from Saint Seiya. I have, unfortunatly, not being able to get it since the person who was suppose to send it to me was not able to find one and he's gonna send me the Aries Myth Cloth instand. But I still really want the Virgo Myth Cloth since Shaka is my favorite Gold Saint.

Here's the info from Famitsu Store: http://www.famitsustore.com/article_2_19.html

If you guys know you can get it or a place I can buy it on the net, I would really appreciated it. Keep in mind I'm in Canada and I can't go in Europe to buy it. If you are able to do so, I think we can arrange something.

Either leave comment her or email me at yami.jay@gmail.com. I would really appreciate it if I can have this Myth Cloth.

Crosspost at saint_seiya saintseiyayaoi
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