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Another Item For Sale!


LIVE IN USA - at 1st Mariner Arena July 31, 2004 DVD (Japanese Release)

It's never been watched because I haven't made the time to sit in front of my computer and watch an entire concert and I don't have a region free dvd player yet. I'll just buy the US version later and give this up to someone who would like to collect the Japanese releases. ^____^

I'd like to get $35 (including shipping) for this since I paid $45 for it and it's never been viewed. If anyone is interested, please comment or email to

I'll take paypal, money orders, or well concealed cash (at your own risk)

Click below to see the other Jrock and Anime items I still have for sale! Please don't be afraid to offer a lower price! I really need to raise some extra funds. ^___^


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