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Selling my whole RENTRER EN SOI Discography

Hi, I am selling my whole available RENTRER EN SOI discography...

Those with an 'X' already sold.
Price starts with original CD price but can be discounted.
Shipping price will be based on the mailing service you wish to choose.
EMS available. Prices differ with different countries and weights.
If interested, tell me which one you want & your desire mailing service,
I will calculate the price for you, discount will be given if too expensive.
But hey, i used the same expensive price when i bought them T__T
But right now i need an urgent money flow, so please guys, help!
All items are very new, this i can assure you. Some very rare.
01) Kein no Hitsugi - 2300yen
02) La Renaissance - SOLD
03) Mizu Yume Miru Chou Chou - 1500yen
04) Sphire Croid - 3000yen
05) Wither - 1500yen
06) Astre no ito - 2300yen
07) PROTOPLASM - 1200yen
08) Karasu Iro no Taiji First Edition - 2500yen
09) karasu Iro no Taiji Regular Edition - 1200yen
10) RENTRER EN SOI Regular Edition - 3000yen
11) I hate myself and want to... CD+DVD - 2800yen
12) Misshitsu to Kodoku ni... CD+DVD - 2800yen
13) THE ABYSS OF DESPAIR - 1500yen
14) AMONGST FOOLISH ENEMIES - 1500yen (free first press postcard)
15) THE BOTTOM OF CHAOS 1st press CD+DVD - 3800yen (free first press postcard)
16) STIGMATA Type A CD+DVD - 1800yen (free first press postcard)
17) STIGMATA Type B - 1500yen
18) UNENDING SANCTUARY - 1500yen (free first press postcard)
19) MEGIDDO - 2300yen (free first press postcard & Brand X comment CD)
20) AIN SOPH AUR 2cds - 3500yen (free first press postcard)
21) Cinema Cradle - SOLD
22) Millenarianism ~The War Of Megiddo~ 2dvds - 5800yen

For your info, every CD starts from AMONGST FOOLISH ENEMIES are FIRST PRESS EDITION, which mean if you buy any CD from AMONGST FOOLISH ENEMIES onwards (except STIGMATA type B), there will be a FREE POSTCARD included. & personally I'll include free 10-20 pieces of CD or DVD plastic cover for each purchase for your other cd's protection :p

Please use this site for currency converter

& also one Satsuki - Awake CD for sale too. Include a free bonus CD comment cos I bought from his webshop. Price also negotiable. 2500yen.

Also some magazines included Rentrer en Soi's interview, I only bought those issue with Rentrer en Soi's interview. lol XD Prices discounted.

- CURE Vol. 45 (Cover - DIO + Guy's Family) 600yen
- CURE Vol. 48 (Cover - Girugamesh + Sugar) 600yen
- CURE Vol. 52 (Cover - Wizard + BiS) 600yen
- CURE Vol. 56 (Cover - Rentrer en Soi + Chariots) 600yen
- CURE Vol. 60 (Cover - Phantasmagoria + 176biz) - Sold
- CURE Vol. 63 (Cover - DIO + Manterou Opera) 600yen
- Plug Vol. 05 (Cover - Rentrer en Soi + Moran) 800yen

ROCK & READ vol. 22 - 1000yen (Cover - Kiyoharu, included Satsuki's individual interview inside) If you buy this mag i'll include a free Rentrer en Soi concert promo postcard. Inside the mag free Kiyoharu postcard.

& in case ANYONE interested, I am also selling my whole ZODIA disco, which is only 3 releases by the way... 1200yen each.

Interested please drop a comment or pm me, thx!
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