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26 May 2010 @ 11:12 pm
Huge Sale! Japanese Magazines, Manga, Posters and more!  
Kera Magazines
Cutie Magazines
Junon Magazines
Gothic and Lolita Bibles
Kera Maniax
Wink Up Magazine
Cawaii Magazine
Teppei Koike Photo Book
3 Duel Jewel Posters
Plastic Tree Poster
WaT Poster
Luffy Cell Phone Strap
Pita Ten vol.1 Japanese Manga
Bastard vol.1 Japanese Manga
Kaiken Phrase Vol. 13 Japanese Manga
Pokemon Doujinshi

All this on eBay and starting at amazing prices!
You need to check it out!
I will be adding more things this week as well, so keep checking!

Thanks for looking! I'll also answer any questions you may have in comments made here, so feel free to ask!