sakura212 (sakura212) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Last Try

This will be my last entry on the figures for a while. Really need to come up with some funds asap so feel free to make reasonable offers!
Figures have been displayed but are in mint condition and have been but back in their boxes

1.) Black Rock Shooter - Good Smile Company
2.) Natalia Kimlasca - Kotobuyika
3.) Lion Magnus - Kotobuyika
4.) Simca - Lab013
5.)Taiga Asuka (miss contest ver.)- Wave
6.)DN Case #2 nendoroids - Light (suit and secret figure), Mello, Mikami- 10 for ea. for special (will come with boxes)
7.) Tales of Syphonia Alterative weapons set - Includes Lloyd, Collete, Sheena, Genus, and Presea
8.) Hetalia One Coin set - Germany, England, and America sold, All others available
9.) Yuki Nagato Nendoroid petit with V.3 manga Unopened
10.) Reg. Miku and Luka nendoroid Petit (pics of these not up yet but can provide)

pics can be seen at:

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