pumpki3 (pumpki3) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Limited Pokeballs FOR SALE

I'm selling some very hard to find Pokeballs! The box is also for sale if anyone's interested~
They're $6.50 each, I'm also open to trades! 
I have over 180 positive feedback as a seller at my
Etsy shop so you can shop with confidence! 
~Love ball & Moon ball are not for sale~

There are also many other items for sale at my journal and I can definitely combine shipping!

♥ Rement Sets (cake, pastries, ice cream)
♥ Plushies
♥ Jewelry (teacup necklaces)
♥ Letter Sets
♥ Phone Charms & Keychains
♥ Notebooks
♥ Sticker sheets (Crux, Kamio, Sanrio)
♥ Bling stickers for phone, laptop, mirror
♥ Deco tapes
♥ Organizer/Calendar/Pocket Book
♥ Freebies
Tags: anime, collectibles, stationery, toys
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