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Direct figure sales aka trying to stay off ebay because of expensive fees. D:

Just some of the figures I'm selling:

Things to know:

- I live in the US so please note this when asking about shipping charges (prices are without shipping); I'm more than willing to give several shipping options to both people in the US and people out of country (believe me, I know shipping costs suck. D:)
- I take paypal (or money order if you live in the US); however, paypal is the safest payment option for both me and you!
- I'm more than willing to negotiate price; I'm going to go ahead and put a range of the lowest and BIN amount of each figure I'd be willing to negotiate around. Please remember, however, that all these proceeds are going towards my medical bills/procedures so please don't lowball me. >:
- I'll do my best with describing each figure; I can always take as many pictures as you want of any figure; all you have to do is ask. :D !
- I do combined shipping and I'm more than willing to give discounts on group figure buys. :>
- Please feel free to PM me any questions and I'll do my best to answer you asap !
- I have tons of positive feedback everywhere; just ask and I can link you. <3
- I'm currently not entertaining trades, sorry.

Sales Prt 1

Set-up: Name | Company | Information (plus photos to further description | Price

For more detailed information about a certain figure, please click here to search by name/company.

- Souffle Rosseti (Star Ocean, Kotobukiya) : 10USD ON HOLD

- Al Azif (Demonbane, Max Factory); MIB/like new condition - 38-40USD

- Yume Aoi (CM's Corporation) has been displayed, in excellent condition on hold, I believe?

- Kaze no Ushiro wo Ayumumono/Wind Walker (Nitro+, Solid Theater); in beautiful condition, has been displayed - 35-40USD

- Lei Lei/Hsien-ko (Ensky); has been displayed, is in excellent condition - 23-25USD

- Nadie (Alter); like new condition, only displayed for a short amount of time, has original box - 60-65USD

- Kujikawa Rise (Persona 4, Wave) - like new condition/displayed in detolf - 72-80USD

- Kujikawa Rise (Persona 4, Alter) - like new condition/displayed in detolf - 69-75USD

(which ever Rise sells first, I'm keeping the other one. :>)

- Elegance Kotona nendo (Zoids, GSC) - good condition/has been displayed, is missing one of her alt. arms but has all the rest of her accessories/pieces - 23USD

- Sonsaku Hakufu / Goei (Ikki Tousen, Marvelous) - new but unsealed, is a limited+exclusive - 24-30USD

- Air (Kotobukiya) - good condition, has a small flaw on one of her 'wings' (note: +) but does come with her original artbook (note: + & +); she's an exclusive - 38-47USD

- Cloe (Tandem Twins, Yamato) - excellent condition, like new but unsealed - 35USD

- Nanase Ren (Night Shift Nurses, Toy's Planning) - excellent condition, sealed but the box has some minor damage to one of the sides; limited white ver. 34-40USD

- Arin (GSC) - new/sealed - 40-45USD

- Sanzenin Nagi (Hayate, Jun Planning) - has small paint mark on left leg, nothing overly noticeable; other than that, excellent condition - 30-35USD

- Nida/Needa Schuetlich (Shunya, GSC) - new/sealed, come with pamphlet and CD - 45USD-50USD

- Sill Plain (Rance VI, Kotobukiya) - new/limited ver - 45-50USD

- Revoltech QB Erina (Queen's Blade, Kaiyodo) - like new, been displayed - 25-30USD

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