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BIG Moving Sale Update! Jrock/Jpop CDs, doujinshi, games, rare collectable cards, and more!

Hello everyone! I am still continuing to update my sales post with new items. Please come take a look!
All manga and DVDs are still buy 2 get 1 free! 

Check it all out here!!

Some of my new items include...

Ouran High School Host Club wallet $6
Rare Slayers Girls Mouse Pad $6
Monokuro Boo wallet $7
Nyanko burger velcro plush (new with tags) $10
Rare Japanese Digimon Booster Pack $4
FRUITS large postcard set (brand new! 45 postcards) $7
Assorted Japanese Postcards

Death Note L Factory $7
Gurren Lagann 3 Viral-centered (Mote Ou, Jumble!, and Ryoute ni Viral) gags, features most of the GL cast $15 set

Taiko Drum Master PS2 Set! Includes American game, Japanese game (Appare sandaime), and 2 taiko controllers (Japanese release, works with American PS2) $60 shipped
Brave Fencer Musashi PS (no manual) $28 shipped
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA (JPN version) $14 shipped
Final Fantasy XII Collector's Edition $16 shipped

Dir en Grey Withering to Death (American release w/ DVD) $4
The Gazette NIL $10
ayu-mi-x 4 + selection Non Stop Mega Mix Version $4
Koda Kumi real emotion/1000 no kotoba single $4
Glay One Love (comes with mini calandar insert) $4
Arashi How's it Going? $5
Death Note Tribute $7
Miyavi Gagaku $10
X Japan Best -Fan's Selection- (2 disks) $8

And much more! Please check out my sales here!! 
Thanks for looking!
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