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Some anime for sale...

Yay! First post! ^_^

I have a handful of japan-related items for sale.  All prices are negotiable!  Please, make an offer!

Katamari top, S, $3
--very tight fit, I'd say more like an XS.
--bought from another LJ user, stain was already there.
--tag, image

Final Fantasy VIII set, $10
--earrings need some cleaning, again, I lack the supplies.
--the necklace's chain has been shortened quite a bit.  I can provide measurements upon request.

Photobucket Photobucket
Fushigi Yuugi, OVA? I honestly have no idea what this is, I'm pretty sure it's authentic though. It was a gift. Never watched it.
Asking $10.
--Region: 2

Anime Mag. $10
--Brand new, seriously; taking pictures was the only action this magazine has seen.
--has all the inserts, 1, 2, 3; includes a clear file folder 1, 2

***Chapstick for scale***
Kawaii Memo-pad; Example 1, 2 $4
--Was part of a bundle I bought from g0pogo (a very awesome seller)
--There are four different designs, a couple pages of each

Kawaii Planner; example 1 $6
--Brand Spankin' New (though, one page from May is missing.... but otherwise, new!)

There's lots more at my journal, including a GameBoy SP and Orkus magazine with two Jrock bands featured in it. 

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