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Hey guys. I got some goodies for sale. Check the cut for more info :)

Yaoi Manga
Clear Skies! Vol 1
Maid in Heaven
Mister Mistress vol 1 & 2
Junjo Romantica vol 7
Rin! Vol 1
Sweet Regard
Cute Beast
Not Enough time
Author's Pet
Crushing Love
Melted Love
II Gatto sul G. vol 1 & 2
Love Bus Stop
Blue Sky
Today's Ulterior Motives
Tomorrow's Ulterior Motives
Fevered Kiss
The Lonely Egoist
Like a Love Comedy
Don't worry Mama
The man who doesn't take off his clothes
S vol 1 & 2

Other manga:
Wallflower vol 1-6
Peach Girl vol 1-3
Alice 19th Vol 1-7
Kare First Love vol 1-8
Imadoki vol 1-5
D.N. Angel vol 1-10
Descendants of Darkness vol 1-11

New items:
Code Geass Lelouch/Zero Prop Plus Petit
Bleach Zodiac Chara Fortunes

For other items, check out my shop here: Where the goodies are at! :3

Some information:
-Shipping from Washington, US
-I can ship international but I prefer domestic
-Shipping is not calculated. Leave your zip if you'd like and I can calculate for you
-Each manga is $5
-For manga sets, ask specifically for them and I can put down the price

Bleach Zodiac Chara Fortunes
-Each one is $8

Code Geass Zero/Lelouch Prop Plus Petit: $10
-comes in box

And, I'm also looking for this poster:

Thanks for your time!
Tags: anime, manga: english
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