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Moving sale until June 18th! Everything must go!

Hello again, everyone! My moving sale is still going on, and I'm constantly adding new items!
Sales will only be available through June 18th!!! Everything must be go! Please make offers on items you're interested in before they're gone! 
All manga and DVDs buy 2 get 1 free!
Please check my post here!

Special sets:
Hot Gimmick complete manga series 1-12 only $40 $38 shipped in the US
Taiko Drum Master PS2 Set with 2 controllers! Includes American game, Japanese game (Appare sandaime), and 2 taiko controllers (Japanese release, works with American PS2)! Rare set, hard to find $60 $55 (also willing to split set for buyers who cannot play Japanese games, w/ just the American game and 2 controllers the set is only $45!!)

New items: 
Neon Genesis Evangelion 8 disk DVD boxed set (complete series) $20
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children DVD Special Edition with rare bonus disc!
Vampire Knight 1, 2, 3 Japanese manga
Peach Girl fan book (Japanese)
Chrono Cross Strategy Guide
Fushigi Yugi artbook
BESM manual
Game magazines in both Japanese and English
more freebies!

Sales also include items such as...
English language manga only $3 each! Pretear, Ranma 1/2, Doll, Tarot Cafe, Wish, and more!
Single issues for $1! Dragon Ball, Pokemon, and more!
Japanese language manga only $2 each! Nana, Peach Girl, Beck, Trigun Maximum, Ouran High School Host Club, and more! 
Doujinshi! Death Note, Prince of Tennis, FFVII, Gurren Lagann, and more!
Games! Final Fantasy X, FFX-2, FFTactics Advance, Lunar Silver Star Story, Xenogears, Metal Gear Solid 2 + 3, and more!
CDs! Dir en Grey, Death Note Tribute, DNAngel original soundtrack, Nana Glamorous Sky single, Gackt, X-Japan, Glay, and more!! 
Cards! Pokemon trading cards, Digimon cards, rare Ani-Mayhem DBZ starter deck, and more! 
And many other items! Kamichama Karin furoku, Gentlemen's Alliance Cross double-sided Shojo Beat poster, Ouran High School Host Club wallet, rare Slayers mouse pad, various Sanrio/San-x items, and more!!

Much more here! Thanks for looking!
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