m3zzop1ano (m3zzop1ano) wrote in garagesalejapan,

eBay: Newtype and Japanese manga magazines, Artbooks, + lolita fashion

I have several auctions on eBay that are mostly anime/manga magazines or lolita fashion items.

Magazines include:
A lot of 15 Newtype USA magazines
Lot of 8 Weekly Shonen Magazine issues with Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles chapters
Lot of 2010 Weekly Shonen Magazine (Issues 1 through 14)
Lot of 14 w-inds.day / Keita Tachibana official Fan Club magazines

Please take a look if you're interested:

Newtype and Shonen Magazine auctions

I also have a few...

cosplay and lolita fashion items (bag, shoes, etc.)
shojo manga artbooks
Morning Musume photo cards

...for auction under my other account:

Cosplay, Lolita fashion, and Momusu auctions 
Tags: collectibles, fashion: cosplay, fashion: egl, magazines, music: jpop
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