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Is anyone interested in purchasing a Haruna Sakura Shippuuden Cosplay Outfit?

Please let me know so then i can take some pics as proof! ^_^  I'm just wondering for now if anyone happens to be interested~

I bought it from here: http://www.399cosplayshop.com/japanese-anime-cosplay-costumes/naruto/haruno-sakura-cosplay-naruto-shippuuden.php

I'm willing to let it go for about hmm.. $100 $85 including shipping + pp fee's?  Give me a price and we'll negotiate! ^_^  I'll include ninja shoes (size 8-9US) and her red headband! :) 

(outfit retails for $88.99, red headband $10.99 and orig. black ninja shoes for $25, so altogether = $125!!!)

PLEASE let me know if you happen to be interested!  Otherwise I'd like to trade this for a D.Gray-man Lenalee Outfit~  :3

P.S:  If you want, I'll throw in Naruto and Sasuke's Season 1 Shirt for FREE! :D  I'll take pics if anyone is interested!!
Tags: fashion: cosplay
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