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selling henshin! sailormoon doll (bandai, 1992)

Is anyone interested in the japanese "henshin! sailormoon doll"? I won it on yahoo japan auctions with some other items I wanted, and since I don't collect the dolls, I want to sell it. Unfortunately, i'm kinda broke and so it's too expensive to list on ebay right now. =(

According to, this doll was made by bandai japan in 1992, and was the very first sailormoon doll ever produced, making it very rare. Even though it was never taken out of the box or used, it's quite old, so the box is quite faded and worn. Pictures are from the auction itself.

buy it now price: $159.00 US
shipping to: USA, canada by USPS (SH cost will be determined depending on your location)
payment: paypal instant transfer (no paypal echecks, please - my paypal email will be given to the person who is interested.) If you are really interested and need to pay by check or money order, please let me know.
condition: NIB, but one of the pictures shows some sort of rip in the plastic. The doll inside appears to be fine.
moonlightkisu @ ebay seller feedback:

pictures (click for bigger image)

Thanks for looking! please contact me at moonlightkisu @ or comment here. (Ex-posted to other comms.)
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