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Repost of sale ^_^;

Alright so I am a bit late on the whole..spring cleaning thing..almost...2 ..seasons late..BUT!! I got to it..kinda..just..well one section of it anyways >.<;; I accept Paypal, Money Orders and Concealed Cash (At your own Risk). Okay on to the goodies ^_^ Also, all the prices you see include shipping ^_^. Lemme see..

First of all there is:

English Manga:

1. Dragon Knights Manga Volumes 1-5. Great condition, all of them read once, first 1 or 2 read twice. The edges are a bit worn from having them for a year or two but not too bad ^_^ You can see it in the picture I believe ^_^''. Anyways, I would have to say $15 for all 5 or $4 each ^_^.

Front View:

Back View:

3. Wedding Peach Manga Volumes 2-5. All of them have been read maybe twice tops..probly only the first couple of volumes though. The last 3 most likely only read once. Edges are a bit worn from yet again moving last year but not too shabby ^_^. I would say $20 for all or $5 each.(#2-5 ON HOLD?)

Front View:

Back View:

Alright, that is all that I have for now ^_^;; You never know, some day in the far...I mean NEAR! I really did T_T okay not really BUT you neeevvverrr know. Anyways, if you're interested you can Email me at Jenavive18@yahoo.com , my AIM is SSJ2Panchan, Yahoo! IM is demona_erinyes_satana or hattori_keishi. Well that is all for now ^_^. JA NE!!

~ Keishi Hattori

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