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Just a few items

Trying to clear out the last few scragglers before I move next Wednesday! Everything is super cheap! You'll find Natsume Yuujincho doujinshi, Getbackers and Legal Drug manga, and Bleach items under the cut. I'm totally willing to haggle if you'll take the merchandise off my hands and save it from the garbage can! Shipping isn't included, but I do ship worldwide, just ask! E-mail me at or post here with questions!

Natsume Doujinshi Natsume Doujinshi
* Nanatsu Onsenchou
* Kaisa Glass Ichimai
Both for $10
Bleach Pencilboard, side 1 Bleach Pencilboard, side 1
Ichigo and Rukia side
Bleach Pencilboard, side 2 Bleach Pencilboard, side 2
Renji and Byakuya side
Legal Drug 1 Legal Drug 1
Getbackers manga Getbackers manga
Volumes 2, 3, and 5
All for $6

Thanks for looking!
Tags: doujinshi, manga: english
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