~Chibi Rachy~ (chibirachy) wrote in garagesalejapan,
~Chibi Rachy~

WtS: Digivices

I still have 2 of the digivices and a D-Terminal for sale. All are in
used condition, but still work. Shipping is not included in the price.
I accept payment via paypal, and concealed cash at the buyer's risk. I 
ship from the US and will ship internationally, but at the buyer's
increased cost. You can find pictures of the devices. Each one is $10.
I'd really just be happy to be rid of them and have the money for other
things. You can find images and descriptions under the cut.

To note, all of these are in played with condition. That means they
may have scratches or paint markings on them. As stated above, they are
$10 each. Now onto the pictures:

Purple D3- Two small nicks in the screen. Other than that, great
condition and includes manual

Red & Black D-Tector- Near
mint condition. Does not include a manual; can't seem to find it.
Batteries still work.

D-Terminal - Has some
scratches from being used, similar to what a GBA might get after years
of play. Batteries in it still work.


I'm also looking for Simoun Special Flight CD on yahoo japan and was wondering if anyone knew someone I could get in touch with to help me get it? There's 2 auctions for it currently. I've looked at some of the service sites, but they seem pretty confusing.
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