innocent jennie (blurredserenity) wrote in garagesalejapan,
innocent jennie

Sorry Kids.

OKAY I am going to specify about the manga here. I am looking for Cowboy Bebop, fooly cooly, and naruto manga.. sorry. I am borrowing a friends chobits box set and I was hoping to find another one before I have to send it back to him, I dont want chobits manga at this point in time. I am not really that interested in buying more than one at a time, it is a bit too much money for me to be spending at once, But if you have a single manga that you would be willing to sell for 3-5 dollars excluding shipping, I would be happy to look at it, but this is something I want but I know I shouldn't be spending my money on, so I am going to be very, very picky. I am sorry about that. Thank you for your offers so far.
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