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Pretty Clothes! ★ NEW ITEMS ADDED - Scroll down ★

Black Gothic Sheer Shirt
This is a gothic sheer black long sleeve top that would go great over a sexy gothic lolita outfit. A bell sleeve shirt that was never worn just tried on once. It has a button loop closure (5 small black buttons in the middle) and is a size L in juniors. Brand new never been worn. The original price of this shirt was $59.00 so you get a good deal!

Considering that my computer is not working properly and I can't show any actual pictures, I've tried my best to find images online that closely resemble the shirt.

Picture 1 - This is what the shirt overview looks if it was being worn. It doesn't have any beads or decorations on it nor does it have the cami underneath.

Picture 2 - This is what the sleeves look like (bell sleeves).

Price - $48.50 (including shipping)

Black Long Sleeve V-Neck Sweater Shirt
This is a brand new black knitted long sleeve sweater shirt perfect for those cold winters. Only wore once and in excellent condition. Size is L in juniors. The only difference between this shirt and the example picture below is that the one I'm selling has a white collar attatched to the neck and white cuffs.

Picture 1 - This is the overview of the shirt. Once again this isn't the actual picture of it, just an example. The only difference is that it doesn't have the white trim at the bottom and it doesn't have that line strip going across the collar.

Price - $20.00 (including shipping)

Yellow Lisa Simpson Ringer Teen Shirt
This is a yellow teen shirt that features Lisa Simpson on the front. It has navy blue ringers on the bottom of the sleeves and on the collar. Size is a L in juniors.

Picture 1 - This is the picture of Lisa that's on the shirt. It's only her head but it's the same drawing.

Price - $10.00 (including shipping)

------------ ★ NEW ITEMS ADDED ★ ------------
Pink Butterfly Clutch Bag
This is a small black clutch purse. Opens by a flap which reveals a small mirror and a zipped cosmetic case (even comes with 3 cosmetic brushes!). It has a little pink glitter-filled butterfly at the right hand corner of the flap. The back has a little flap that opens up and reveals another zipped area and slits for picture or card insertions. Perfect for those nights out. Looks similiar to this - http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B00065DTNE.16._AA260_SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg (the bottom one).

Price - $15.00 (including shipping)

Knitted Handbag w/Coin Purse
This is a brand new burgundy knitted hand bag with a coin purse. Everything is in excellent condition, it even has the brown paper inside that new purses always have. It has a zipper so none of your stuff falls out and has a small zip area inside to put your cosmetics.

Looks similiar to this one - http://i5.ebayimg.com/02/i/04/be/50/4e_1_b.JPG except it doesn't have the flowers and has a zipper instead of the flap.

Price - $15.00 (including shipping)

Black 'Sweet Princess' Bag
This is a very pretty black purse with the words 'Sweet Princess' in silver stitching and a cute diamond heart underneath the words. It's very roomy and has a zipper area inside to put your cosmetics/money.

Looks similiar to this one - http://i20.ebayimg.com/03/i/04/ab/23/80_1_b.JPG but doesn't come with a cell phone bag and the wording/heart on the bag are on the top half of the bag.

Price - $15.00 (including shipping)

Plastic Silver Sparkle Drawstring Bag
This is a very pretty drawstring bag that's made of soft-like plastic and shines off in a silver color (almost as if it was glitter).

Looks similiar to this - http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a11/ilovesparkle/DSC01562.jpg except there are not stones on it.

Price - $8.00 (including shipping)

Black Fioni Women's Shoes
These are brand new Fioni woman's shoes and have never been worn. Price tag still on them. Black color. Heel hight - 4 inches.

Women's Size: 8 US/40 EUR/25 MEX/6.5 UK

They look similiar to this:
http://www.imeldascloset.com/graphics/w06/01fio060bk301.jpg except instead of crossing straps at the end they join together and make a knot.

Price - $15.00 (including shipping)

If more than one person wants it the highest bidder will win.

Since I'm pressed for money I'll only be accepting PayPal. Shipping will be done through Priority Mail so it'll be trackable. As always if you have any questions about anything please e-mail me at moonxchild@gmail.com.
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