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Jrock Merchandise FOR SALE!!!!

Plastic Tree ShiroChronicle Tour Tote Bag

It is a cream colored, ShiroChronicle tour tote bag. It says "Plastic Tree" and "ShiroChronicle" on the bag and also has the tour dates and cities at the bottom. I bought it on Ebay and have only used it a couple times as I am afraid I will ruin it. It is a light material and probably not good for carrying heavier items like books and magazines, which is what I need a tote for. T___T So, as much as I love this tote, I really need some extra money as soon as possible and this bag needs a loving home with someone who will use it or has the space to display it somewhere.

It is about 11 1/2 inches across the top, and a little over 16 inches down the side, with two straps for carrying. ^____^

I don't have a digital camera so I couldn't get a picture of the entire bag, but I have scanned the image off the front.

Plastic Tree tote

Price - $25 w/shipping or best offer


Lareine "JoOuToiuNaNoKikoushi" Shoxx 10th Anniversary Book

This book is practically brand new. I ordered it from Third Stage after having seen ads for it, but finding very little information about the contents. This is a collection of all of Lareine's articles and interviews from Shoxx magazine. It is hard cover and has 300 pages. In the front there are two beautiful color images of each member and 11 pages of thumbnail sized images from all the photo shoots they have done for Shoxx. Here are some sample images:


This is a really nice book. Unfortunately, as I had little info about it, I was under the impression that maybe it was a photobook. But it is mostly text, all in Japanese. And I don't know Japanese at all. So I would like this to go to someone who either knows Japanese or is learning because they will probably enjoy it more than I can. ^_____^

Price - $35 + $5 shipping


2nd Effect VHS "Toxic of Pictures"

Limited to 500 copies (351 of 500), autographed on the VHS and the inside of the cover insert. Has 5 PVs and "making of" footage. Excellent condition.


Price - $15 including shipping or best offer

Payment: I accept and prefer Paypal since I need this money as soon as possible. BUT, if this is impossible, I also accept money orders and VERY WELL CONCEALED CASH at your own risk. I will not be responsible for cash lost in the mail.

If you have any questions, feel free to post here or email me.

Thank you!
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