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Sailor Moon Tapes + Playstation Items

VHS Tapes
Sailor Moon S - Back From the Future
- Episodes: Hello, Sailor Mini Moon, Tainted TAea Party, People Who Need People
Sailor Moon S - The Love War
- Episodes: Swept Off Her Feet, Blinded By Love's Light, Lita Borrows Trouble
Sailor Moon S - Secret Destiny
- Episodes: Related by Destiny, Art Appreciation, Everything's Coming Up Rosy

Description: These were bought a couple of years ago and haven't watched them since. The boxes with no doubt are worn but are still pleasable to the eye. The videos are in great working condition.

Other VHS Tapes
Cats and Dogs
Monsters Inc.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
The Return of Jafar
Backstreet Boys: For The Fans

Playstation Items
Playstation 2 Black Controller
Playstation Memory Card/Color Red (8 mb)

Description: The game controller is the original controller that came with the first edition of the PS2. It's in excellent condition and works great but the start button seems to be stubborn at times. I'm sure if you clean it up a little it'll work fine (remember, it's about 4 years old). The Playstation memory card is in excellent condition and was bought earlier this year. There's no memory or games saved on it so it's practically new.

Price Guide
VHS Tapes = $9USD each (including shipping)
PS2 Controller = $10USD (including shipping)
Memory Card = $10USD (including shipping)

Since I'm pressed for money right now I'll only be taking PayPal this whole week. Because of that as well, everything this week on my selling journal will be a make an offer deal! That's right, forget the original prices on there for this week only (this includes items from this post as well). The only thing I require is that you pay only through PayPal and please make reasonable prices. Just click on my username to take you to my selling journal and if you have any questions please e-mail me at moonxchild@gmail.com.
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